Takeaway Menu


Mixed leaf salad, shredded radish, cherry tomatoes with sesame dressing (GF 100%) 8.5

Beetroot tartare with sweet potato crisps (GF w/ traces of gluten) 13.5

Kale and salt bush gyoza served with a citrus drizzle 13.5

Mini Vietnamese pancakes – chilli radish, crispy tofu skin, king mushroom, fresh herbs, blood plum sauce 12.5

Edamame and coconut moneybags (GF optional) 13.5

Spring greens of morning glory and green beans wok-fried with chilli and garlic (GF w/ traces of gluten) 12.5

Steamed leek and ginger dumplings with plum sauce 12.5

BBQ eringi mushrooms on shiso leaves – chilli-pickled cucumber, coriander, mint (GF w/ traces of gluten) 13.5


Fried zucchini wrapped in shredded filo pastry, served on wilted spinach and tom yum sauce and finished with tomato salsa – 16.5

Cajun-spiced potato and chickpea croquettes served with zucchini scrolls, beetroot and onion jam and seeded mustard (GF w/ traces of gluten) 14.5

Korean fried broccolini – sticky sour chilli sauce, toasted coconut and crushed almond 14.5

Zucchini flowers filled with a beetroot and truffle oil cream, served with wasabi mayo and Dijon mustard dressing and an apple and walnut salad(GF w/ traces of gluten) 14.5

San choy bow – five spice tofu, oyster mushrooms, lotus root, beans, baby corn, lily flowers, peanuts and coriander (GF optional) 15.5

Panfried tomato, herb and tofu fritter – minted zucchini salsa, potato crisps and miso sauce (GF w/ traces of gluten) 16.5


Charred cauliflower with smoked kumara puree, fresh watermelon, crispy puffed pastry and pistachios (GF optional) 18.5

Crispy tofu with green papaya, Asian herbs and toasted peanut salad (GF w/ traces of gluten) 16.5

Baked eggplant stuffed with tomato ragout and served w a potato cake, bread crumbs, spicy eggplant chutney and capsicum oil (GF optional) 18.5

Naan pocket with crispy enoki mushrooms and marinated tofu, pickled cabbage, lettuce, fresh herbs and aioli served with beer battered fries and hot salsa 16.5

Eryngii and oyster mushrooms layered with cauliflower puree, shredded zucchini and fresh pasta, finished with basil vinaigrette and toasted pistachios 19.5


Sweet potato doughnuts with coconut sabayon 13.5

Warm chocolate lava cake with fresh berries and caramel sauce (GF 100%) 13.5

Sticky date and banana pudding with salted caramel sauce and coconut ice cream (GF 100%) 13.5