Yulli’s Screening Room now open upstairs @ Yulli’s!


Yulli’s Screening Room provides a venue for showcasing new concepts and works by local artists, designers and producers.

Once again Joe Snell from Snell Architects in Surry Hills has done a fantastic job plying his art to the space, merging the historic and rustic essence of the terrace with a dash of contemporary and artistic flare.

Continuing with the local theme, we have worked with boutique wine makers, brewers, distillers and even soft drink makers from across NSW to make the bar completely bottleless. All products come in reusable receptacles which are shipped back to producers once used, then refilled and ready for the next delivery. Also, all produce used for the menu has been grown in NSW and so the menu is very much determined by the seasons.

Every second Tuesday beginning Tuesday 17th July we will be hosting Beers and Bards – serving up a selection of Sydney’s finest spoken word artists.
It starts at 6pm and costs $30 which includes the show, a full canape meal and a drink on arrival.
To book or for further info, please email info@yullis.com.au Space is limited so it will be a case of first in!

  1. Hey there! I was wondering if I could book 2 seats for tomorrow’s event Beers and Bards. Would love to join the fun!

  2. Fab idea!

    What sort of projection facilities do you have, and how many seats?

    • Hey Glenn,
      Not sure what happened but i only just received this comment. We have a screen and projector that produce a high quality 4.5 meter wide image. At the moment we are approved for 24 seats upstairs but we’re hoping this will be increased to 46 in the next couple of weeks.

  3. Hi, are you still doing Beers and Bards every 1st and 3rd tues? Sounds awesome. Thanks,

    • Yup, sure are, we’re back on this tuesday night!


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