Takeaway Menu




Mixed leaf salad w cherry tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and a sesame dressing    8.5 (V, GF)

Pappadums w onion jam, spicy salsa, & coriander yoghurt     8.5 (vegan version comes with wasabi mayo not coriander yoghurt)

Kale and salt bush gyoza served with a citrus drizzle   13.5 (V)

Mini Vietnamese pancake w chilli radish, crispy tofu skin, king mushroom, fresh herbs and

blood plum sauce  12.5 (V)

Edamame & coconut moneybags     13.5 (V, GF version comes in a seaweed wrapper – still cooked in same oil as food containing gluten)

Spring greens of morning glory and green beans wok-fried w chilli and garlic           12.5 (V, GF)

Steamed leek & ginger dumplings w plum sauce 12.5 (V)


Jian Dui – fried sesame balls filled with cucumber, pickled radish & roasted peanuts, served on a fresh sesame leaf            15.5 (V, GF – still cooked in same oil as food containing gluten)

Korean fried broccolini w sticky sour chilli sauce, toasted coconut, crushed almonds & fresh coriander 14.5 (V)

Quinoa, pumpkin and goats cheese poppers, skewered and served w harissa mayo  13.5

Kimchi fried-rice w spring veggies, served in a crispy taro basket 17.5 (V, GF – still cooked in same oil as food containing gluten)


Crispy tofu w green papaya, Asian herbs & toasted peanut salad     16.5 (V, GF – still cooked in same oil as food containing gluten)

Green papaya, Asian herbs & toasted peanut salad 13.5 (V, GF)

Miso baked eggplant served on wild rice salad, w sweet potato crisps & a basil and balsamic reduction (V, GF version comes without miso – sweet potato crisps cooked in same oil as food containing gluten)   18.5

Naan pocket w crispy enoki mushrooms & grilled haloumi with pickled cabbage, lettuce, fresh herbs & aioli served with beer battered fries & hot salsa   16.5 (vegan version has removed haloumi and added mushrooms – comes with wasabi mayo instead of aioli)

Buckwheat polenta w Moroccan targine of brussel sprouts, baby carrots, zucchini & sweet potato served w pickled lemon 18.5 (V, GF)

Roast capsicums stuffed with feta, almond slivers and shallots, finished with a semi-dried tomato salsa        18.5 (GF)


Sweet potato doughnuts w coconut sabayon    13.5

Sticky date & banana pudding w salted caramel sauce & yoghurt ice cream  13.5 (11.5 without I/C)    (GF, vegan version changes yoghurt ice cream to coconut ice cream)