Christmas Lunch Bookings

We are filling up for the December period pretty quickly. If you are thinking about booking your office Christmas Lunch, it might be a good idea to do it soon. We are open Thursdays and Fridays for Lunch but can also do group bookings Monday to Wednesday.

We will be closed on Monday 30th November

Hey all,
Just a quick heads up that we will be closed on Monday 30th November for our staff Christmas Party. I hope this doesn’t put anyone out too much, we will be open again on Tuesday 1st, sore heads and all…

A trick to recycling for small businesses

When we first opened, we were dumbfounded by our inability to recycle waste other than glass and paper. As a business, your local council does not get involved in your waste management. Therefore, you require a commercial waste removalist. As it is not cost effective for waste removal companies to recycle anything other than paper and glass, they won’t do it.
Therefore, any tin and plastic does not get recycled – it just goes to land fill! I spoke to the council and they were sympathetic but could offer little help. The answer was found by the sales rep from URM (the waste removal company we use). URM happens to be contracted to do the City of Sydney’s waste removal. So, they have a truck in the area every Wednesday night/Thursday morning doing the domestic recycling anyway so they just charge us a commercial rate to pick up ours at the same time eliminating the issue of cost inefficiency!
I hope this helps any other businesses facing the same problems.
Our next hurdles are how to put our organic waste to use rather than sending it to landfill and what to do with the polystyrene that the fruit and veg deliveries often come in. Any ideas are welcome!

Pumpkin Ale Now on Tap

Here is the promised post re the taste of Murray’s Pumpkin Ale. We tapped it last Thursday and have a little over a keg left. The response has been fantastic! You can really smell the pumpkin and when you drink it, there is a strong cinnamon flavour combined with a hint of nutmeg – so basically it tastes like pumpkin pie! The beer has a deep orange colour and a rich full head. We probably have enough left to last us until early next week.

Some Beer News!!

We have just tapped a keg of Wicked Elf Pilsner which has replaced the Wicked Elf Pale. We have two kegs of it and will be switching to the WIcked Elf Witbier once they run out. So how does the Pilsner taste? Well, it’s crisp and fresh with a tasty creamy head. There is a little bit of bitterness but it is really nicely balanced with the malt – overall, the perfect beer for a hot afternoon!
In other news, we are going to slide on Murray’s Pumpkin Ale tomorrow (Thursday afternoon) to get into the haloween spirit. Personally, it will be my first crack at a pumpkin beer and I’m really looking forward to it. I will keep you posted on the taste!

Melbourne Cup Lunch

Melbourne Cup Lunch this year will go like this – $50 a head, includes full banquette lunch including dessert, Champagne on arrival and beer and wine from 1pm until the end of the race.

For bookings you can reply to this blog, email or give us a buzz on 9319 6609.

Octobers’s Beers

The beers we are pouring on tap right now are:

  • St Peters Blonde
  • Red Oak Irish Red Ale
  • Wicked Elf Pale Ale
  • Murray’s Dark Knight Porter.

We will probably get some newbies on come November.