Christmas Opening Hours

Saturday 25th Closed
Sunday 26th Closed
Monday 27th Closed
Tuesday 28th Open from 5pm
Wednedsay 29th Openf from 5pm
Thursday 30th open from 5pm
Friday 31st Closed
Saturday 1st Closed
Sunday 2nd Closed
Monday 3rd Closed
Tuesday 4th back to normal trading hours

Chrissy Doos

We’ve had lots of enquiries re Christmas Lunches and the like. Although we only tend to do lunch from Thurs-Sunday, we can open earlier Mon-Wed for groups of 10 or more. So if this is something that might be of interest to you, please feel free be in contact!

Melbourne Cup 2010

Hey All,
We’re back on deck for Melbourne Cup, the cost is $55/head and this years festivities will include full banquette menue plus beer, wine and bubbles for 2 hours. If you would like to book, shoot us an email or give us a buzz on 9319 6609.

Closed Monday 4th October

Hey all,
We’ll be closed on Monday for the Public Holiday. I hope this doesn’t put anyone out too much!

Art ‘n About

If you’ve wandered by Yulli’s on a Wednesday evening recently, you may have notice Miss Jess and the gang suffering for their art as they weave rosettes for their Art ‘n About project. So far, they have made 180 or so of the little suckers to spell out “Oh Alfred”. They have 180 to go and, as a bit of inspiration and support for our struggling artists, we are going to shoot the crew a bottle of wine for every 20 rosettes made this Wednesday night. So, if you’re cruising about and your fingers are felling nimble, come have a glass of wine and twist a rosette in the name of art.

Our last weekend of brekkie…

This weekend will be our last weekend of brekkie. We’ve decided to stop doing brekkie for a bunch of reasons, the main one being that it’s a lot of work and stress for everyone with little reward. I hope this doesn’t upset anyone too much, but rest assured it should mean some interesting new things for our lunch/dinner menu in the near future. As of next weekend, we will be open from 11:30am Saturday and Sunday.

Clean them Compressors!

The lovely Gina, one of our regular ladies in the restaurant, has been giving me a hand with getting the joint more energy efficient. One of her ideas was to begin a maintenance program for the refrigeration compressors (in a commercial setting, the motors that cool the fridges are external to the fridge ‘cabinet’. The compressors are these external motors).
So, the fridge tech came out and gave the motors a good clean and mentioned we should save a bit on our energy bill. Gina and the fridgy were bang on to the tune of about $60 for a month! The financial cost was about $120 for the work and I think we’ll do this every 6 months. So for a couple of hundred dollars a year, we could save about $700 plus the saving on potential breakdown costs that the regular servicing will help protect against. So, high fives to Gina for this initiative – it is always nice when helping the environment is also financially beneficial!

A note on our food suppliers

As we provide a completely meatless menu, we often get asked about the products we use. More specifically we are asked about our eggs and our cheeses. I’ve tended to avoid blogging about this stuff for fear of sounding preachy – I for one hate being told what to do and how to eat and hypocrisy is a credibility crusher. So this is simply meant to be an answer to a couple of FAQs.
The egg question is related to the living conditions of the chooks that provide our eggs. We source our eggs from Egganics who have an organic free-range farm in Orange. If you’ve visited the Everleigh markets, you are likely to know Jacqui, Jim and the girls from Egganics who have a commitment to providing quality organic eggs in a humane way. The chickens are protected by dogs and are free to roam about the farm as they choose, to the point that they put themselves to bed! The Egganics website is being built as we speak and as soon as it is finished I will be sure to post the address.
Now for the cheese question… This question is about whether or not the cheeses we use contain animal rennet. Animal rennet is an agent used to separate the curds and whey in the cheese making process and is derived from calves’ stomach. So, through much research, we’ve managed to source cheeses of high quality that do not contain any animal rennet. As a general rule, Australian produced cheeses tend not to use animal rennet whereas European cheeses do.

Hello Mulled Wine

Monica has been whipping up her own delcious blend of cabernet-shiraz, vanilla and selected spices. It’s just been tasting fantastic and poor old Mon is battling to keep up with demand. We serve it warm with a wedge of orange and it’s just perfect for these cold, cold nights!

Welcome to the taps Mad Abbot Tripel

We have been planning it for a while and now we’ve finally tapped the Mad Abbot Tripel! The Little Brewery crew up in Port Macquarie have been dragging home a swag of awards, all of which are more than deserved – particularly for this beer. It is a massive 9.5% and with each sip you feel a little warmer and slightly fuzzier… It tastes of stoned fruits, is on the sweeter side and has a palate that just goes on and on and keeps on changing. It is really worth trying, just make sure you leave the wheels at home if you do…