Tap beers

Craft Beer Week Begins !!

On Sunday we launched our events for craft beer week. We’ve teamed up with a couple of our favourite brewers who have a bit of a residency on our taps to do have a bit of fun with our old friend beer.

Dr Karl’s Beer and Cheese Sensory Explosion
Doc (from Doctor’s Orders Brewing) and myself (Karl) have teamed up to match some local, interstate and international sour beers with a bunch of interesting cheeses. Doc’s keg of Electrolyte is tapped keg is tapped and the cheese is cut.
Doctor Karls Beer & Cheese Sensory Explosion v1.3

IPA a Day
Yep, the boys at the Grifter and Yulli’s beer dude Harvs have been on the brew. They’ve put together 4 IPA’s, 3 of which have used the same wort (malty, juicy goodness) but undergone different hopping regimes (balancing/bittering and aromatic elements). The fourth is a celebratory ale commemorating the birth of Grifter head brewer Glen’s first born. We’ll be tapping our first of the IPAs tomorrow (Wednesday).

Kokonatsu Launch
We’re climaxing in a frothy, coconuty mess this Saturday at 2pm with the launch of the Two Birds and Grifter collaboration brew Kokonatsu. Can you think of anything more right now than brown ales and coconuts? After the launch there will be a brew battle between a couple of 2 birds kegs and the Grifter’s brews, them ladies look like they can scrap – Grifter boys beware.


An old friend plays some tunes

This Sunday, fresh from many years of touring with Jersey Boys, a great friend of Yulli’s Glen Moorehouse will be pulling up a window seat bustin some tunes. He’ll be playing a mix of originals and covers from about 2pm.

Grifter’s Omen Porter

Just tapped and yum…
The oatmeal gives it great body and mouthfeel, it has a beautiful creamy head and a tasty roasted late pallet. The boys tell me there is no smoked malt but that smokey/roasted flavour really comes through.

Matt Dewar – Singer Song Writer Sessions this Sunday

Matt Dewar will be playing this sunday from 2pm-5pm check him out here http://www.facebook.com/YullisScreeningRoom

Beers and Bards Tuesday 21st May

Beers and Bards is on again on Tuesday 21st May. There’s been a bit of chatter about it because we are lucky enough to have Bravo Child headlining which is kind of a big deal. Alana Hicks will also be strutting her stuff along with a chat from Happy Goblin Brewer Colin about his Bitter, which is a cracker – beautiful creamy head, fantastic malt and lovely hop balance make for a very drinkable ale!
The menu for the night will be:

First Course

Taro crackers
Braised figs stuffed w herbed feta
Mini Massaman Pie w mash
Steamed Shumai

Second Course
Panfried Polenta
Eggplant Involtini

Third Course
Dessert Platter

For more info see http://www.facebook.com/YullisScreeningRoom.

Beers and Bards Tuesday 16th April

Beers and Bards is back on Tuesday 16th April.
Beer-wise, an old favourite Matt is back from St Peters Brewery and will be chatting away about a special brew he has done for the night he calls the Ugly American. He’s also got a poem of his own that he’ll be sharing after he talks beer. Yes, Matt is awesome.
Cost is $30 which includes dinner, 3 acts and the beer of the night.
For bookings http://beersandbards16apr.eventbrite.com

The menu for the night is:

First course

Taro crackers
Braised figs stuffed with herbed feta
Mini massaman pies with mash
Curry Puffs

Second Course
Artichoke and goat’s curd arrancine
Eggplant Involtini

Third Course
Dessert Platter

Beers and Bites Event @ Yulli’s Screening Room

The dudes from Beer Days will be hosting a tasting at Yulli’s Screening Room on Wednesday the 22nd of August. Karl will be matching 6 of the beers with something delicious from the menu. Check out the pic of the Stone Beer matched with baked lemony cheesecake. The Stone beer is a limited release winter brew from the Stone and Wood Brewery, it’s brewed over hot rocks which are heated in a wood fire giving the beer an amazing malty toffee flavour. Just the thing for the last of these chilly winter evenings mmm.
Book for the event here
And to read more about the work of the Stone and Wood Brewing Co.

Sydney Beers, Bands and Bites Sunday 23rd October

As you may or may not know, the Sydney Craft Beer Week will be running from the 22nd until the 29th of October. For our part, we will be featuring all Sydney brewed beers and ciders on tap on Sunday the 23rd of October. Also, we will have a special menu for the day with every dish using only locally sourced produce. Finally, a few local acts will be playing all originals throughout the afternoon. It’s a casual affair so feel free to drop in anytime!

Welcome to the taps Mad Abbot Tripel

We have been planning it for a while and now we’ve finally tapped the Mad Abbot Tripel! The Little Brewery crew up in Port Macquarie have been dragging home a swag of awards, all of which are more than deserved – particularly for this beer. It is a massive 9.5% and with each sip you feel a little warmer and slightly fuzzier… It tastes of stoned fruits, is on the sweeter side and has a palate that just goes on and on and keeps on changing. It is really worth trying, just make sure you leave the wheels at home if you do…

4 Pines Dunkelweisen now tapped

Soooooo tap beer news is this: we’ve decided to dedicate one beer tap to a Seasonal Ale. All this means is that we now have an excuse to change one tap really regularly and hopefully make these changes in line with the seasons.
Our first bash at it is the 4 Pines Dunkelweisen which is a dark, wheat beer (Dunkel = Dark, weisen = wheat). The crew at 4 Pines in Manly (great guys with a venue that is definitely worth checking out if you’re over that way) have done a pretty top notch job with this brew. It’s beautifully dark and cloudy with a rich malty flavour and a very soft bitterness. It’s definitely a beer for a cold and rainy winter night.