Tap beers


5.5%, Black Horse Brew House, Sylvania, NSW


5.6%, 45 IBU, Shenanigans Brewing Co, Marrickville, NSW

A light malt base combined with oats, bucket loads of Kiwi, U.S and Australian hops bursting with notes of tropical fruit, freshly bruised citrus and heady notes of white grapes. Modestly bitter, the finish is full, refreshing and crisp.


6.8%, 75 IBU, Little Brewing Co, Port Macquarie, NSW

“Fastidious Bastard IPA” pays homage to the very hoppy and bitter India Pale Ales in the American West Coast style. Hoppy aromas and flavours of pine, citrus, spice and resin entice the senses, before a long bitter finish.


4.7% Yulli’s Brews, Surry Hills NSW

Sheila Von Trapp, a Belgian inspired spiced Witbier with a decent whack of Lemon Myrtle to keep her fresh.


We are getting excited for Sydney Craft Beer Week 2015 and the coolroom is jam packed in anticipation. From Monday October 19th our upstairs lounge area will become a games den with 4 specialty lagers that have been brewed by Yulli’s Brews especially for SCBW.

Yulli’s Brews are adding a Lager into the core range of beers and would love for you to be a part of it’s incarnation! All you have to do is grab a paddle of the 4 trial beers we’ve brewed and rank them in order of preference on the sheet provided… The highest rank beer will eventually become our Seabass Lager!

The main variance between these trial brews is the hops we’ve used in the brewing process. For your reference, these hops and their country of origin are:

Lager 1: Motueka (B Saaz) – New Zealand

Lager 2: Sorachi Ace – Japan

Lager 3: Centennial & Fuggles – USA & UK

Lager 4: Summer – Australia


6.3%, 58 IBU, Surry Hills


Guy McFly is our variation on an American IPA, with a spicy twist from the addition of Rye malt. At 15% of the grist, it imparts slightly spicy, puckering notes which are complemented by the use of some of the classic American big C hops in Citra and Chinook. Guy is an IPA for hop heads, and for the generally inquisitive crafty folk too..


5.8%, Mona Vale


This US-inspired pale ale is, in theory, Modus Operandi’s least-hoppy hoppy beer, but in saying that it sure ain’t short of hops. That’s thanks to six different additions of the US Centennial hop which helps produce a beer bursting with aromas of lemon and pine and a fairly aggressive bitterness.


6%, Mt Kuringai


The aroma is rich with roasted malts and some toffee sweetness. A great substitute for dessert!



5%, Port Macquarie, NSW


We have our old favourite from the Little Brewing Company back on just in time for this thirsty weather!

This is The Little Brewing Company’s version of a Belgian White Ale, a style brewed by monks in the Middle Ages and only recently revived. This beer is made using 50/50 wheat and barley malts and is ‘bottle conditioned’.

Craft Beer Week Begins !!

On Sunday we launched our events for craft beer week. We’ve teamed up with a couple of our favourite brewers who have a bit of a residency on our taps to do have a bit of fun with our old friend beer.

Dr Karl’s Beer and Cheese Sensory Explosion
Doc (from Doctor’s Orders Brewing) and myself (Karl) have teamed up to match some local, interstate and international sour beers with a bunch of interesting cheeses. Doc’s keg of Electrolyte is tapped keg is tapped and the cheese is cut.
Doctor Karls Beer & Cheese Sensory Explosion v1.3

IPA a Day
Yep, the boys at the Grifter and Yulli’s beer dude Harvs have been on the brew. They’ve put together 4 IPA’s, 3 of which have used the same wort (malty, juicy goodness) but undergone different hopping regimes (balancing/bittering and aromatic elements). The fourth is a celebratory ale commemorating the birth of Grifter head brewer Glen’s first born. We’ll be tapping our first of the IPAs tomorrow (Wednesday).

Kokonatsu Launch
We’re climaxing in a frothy, coconuty mess this Saturday at 2pm with the launch of the Two Birds and Grifter collaboration brew Kokonatsu. Can you think of anything more right now than brown ales and coconuts? After the launch there will be a brew battle between a couple of 2 birds kegs and the Grifter’s brews, them ladies look like they can scrap – Grifter boys beware.