Green Innitiatives

Clean them Compressors!

The lovely Gina, one of our regular ladies in the restaurant, has been giving me a hand with getting the joint more energy efficient. One of her ideas was to begin a maintenance program for the refrigeration compressors (in a commercial setting, the motors that cool the fridges are external to the fridge ‘cabinet’. The compressors are these external motors).
So, the fridge tech came out and gave the motors a good clean and mentioned we should save a bit on our energy bill. Gina and the fridgy were bang on to the tune of about $60 for a month! The financial cost was about $120 for the work and I think we’ll do this every 6 months. So for a couple of hundred dollars a year, we could save about $700 plus the saving on potential breakdown costs that the regular servicing will help protect against. So, high fives to Gina for this initiative – it is always nice when helping the environment is also financially beneficial!

A trick to recycling for small businesses

When we first opened, we were dumbfounded by our inability to recycle waste other than glass and paper. As a business, your local council does not get involved in your waste management. Therefore, you require a commercial waste removalist. As it is not cost effective for waste removal companies to recycle anything other than paper and glass, they won’t do it.
Therefore, any tin and plastic does not get recycled – it just goes to land fill! I spoke to the council and they were sympathetic but could offer little help. The answer was found by the sales rep from URM (the waste removal company we use). URM happens to be contracted to do the City of Sydney’s waste removal. So, they have a truck in the area every Wednesday night/Thursday morning doing the domestic recycling anyway so they just charge us a commercial rate to pick up ours at the same time eliminating the issue of cost inefficiency!
I hope this helps any other businesses facing the same problems.
Our next hurdles are how to put our organic waste to use rather than sending it to landfill and what to do with the polystyrene that the fruit and veg deliveries often come in. Any ideas are welcome!